in-Line Kit
Platform for creating and using utilities (projects)
for various types of work (for example: network utilities, text utilities)
with the possibility of remote management, licensing,
statistic management, and team developing.
in-Line Kit is needed to interpret your projects.
in-Line Kit - Utilities
Threre are 3 types of in-Line Kit utilities
They all work on in-Line Core
in-Line - Application
Designed to work with resources.
Supports automatic proxy updates and remain saving.
in-Line - Click
Based on the principle of "One-click".
Open the project - click "Start" and nothing else is required.
in-Line - Proxy checker
Proxy checker based on in-line development.
Thanks to in-Line flexibility, you can create high quality proxy verification mechanisms.
in-Line Kit - Studio
In-Line projects development studio
With in-Line Kit - Studio you can create various types of utilities
Script box
Component for working with JS scripts, functions, variables and commands
Working with variables
Create dynamic variables and work with them in a script box
Commands and functions
Use internal commands and functions when creating a project
JS interpreter
In-Line Kit has a built-in JavaScript interpreter
Logic processor
Logical processor provides flexibility in project development
DLL-libraries support
Support of C++ and Delphi libraries
Syntax highlight
Many studio input fields have syntax highlighting
Flexible settings of input resources
Customize input resources by yourself with mask
Automatic js protection bypass
Automatic bypass of BlazerFast, CloudFlare, Sucuri
Working with captcha
The in-Line Kit has a powerful component for working with captcha with flexible configuration for various situations. It supports many services for solving captcha, and XEvil, CapMonster emulators
Dynamic output files
It is possible to customize the result files, as well as create them during the project
Dynamic settings
Dynamic visual settings for setting the type of project work and additional parameters
Server synchronization
Remote updating, licensing, blocking, viewing statistics, team develop of the project is possible after synchronizing the project with server
Public API
With using the public API it is possible to create your own client licensing manager with automatic client registration through the in-Line server database
Server plugins viewer
A tool for exchanging plugins between users (DLLs, scripts)
And many other things
Telegram - in-Line chat
Function of the Support Center is to help you use
Private Keeper, in-Line Kit support is not provided.
In this chat you can get support from customers with many years of experience.
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