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To contact support click on the icon in the bottom right corner
Maximum answer time - 12 hours
1. Without waiting for an answer to the greeting and questions like "Is anybody there?", describe in detail the essence of your question or problem.

1.1. If you have any questions about the payment or the key delivery, indicate the e-mail to which the order was made, the order number (in the store), and also attach a QIWI receipt screenshot or the payment ID in the aggregator's system.

1.2. If you have any questions about the purchased key (incorrect format, the key is already activated, etc.), send the key itself to the support chat to verify it.

1.3. If you have any problems with the workability or a separate functionality of the program, describe the order of your actions, at what moment you observe problems, and how they manifest themselves.

2. Do not repeat the same type of messages, do not rush to answer. The operator will reply as soon as the answer is ready. Remember that multiple users can contact support at the same time, and constant reminders about your question only distract and increase the response time.

3. The maximum response time of an operator is 12 hours. But this does not mean that each answer will be given every 12 hours or deliberately delayed: the operator can communicate in parallel with multiple users or be offline.

4. If you do not receive an answer to your question for a long time, remind about yourself - we are all human, everyone can make mistakes, and the operator may lose sight of your correspondence due to a large number of calls from other users or other distractions.

5. The personal identifier is generated for you when you contact the support chat. The identifier allows you to save correspondence with customer support. Changing the IP address, browser, clearing cookies (closing the chat tab in incognito mode) changes this identifier, as a result, the correspondence will be lost.

6. Before contacting support, we urge you to familiarize yourself with the license agreement and sections II. Support and VI. System requirements in particular.
There are alternative sources where you can get support
Telegram - Official community
Here you can get support from our clients too
Telegram - inLine community
Support task is to assist you in using Private Keeper, inLine support is not included with software. In this closed group you can get support from customers with many years of experience

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