Private Keeper
Platform for storing different utilities and working with in-Line projects
in-Line Kit
Platform for creating and using utilities (projects)
for various types of work (for example: network utilities, text utilities)
with the possibility of remote management, licensing,
statistic management, and team developing
in-Line Core
Platform for processing a large number of resources,
using proxy servers in multithreaded mode
Text processing toolkit already included with Private Keeper
Community and support
More than 8 years on market
Over 20,000 users
Over 1,500 developers
License agreement
You accept the terms of the agreement when purchasing and downloading Private Keeper
When buying a key, please wait for confirmation of payment.
The key will sent to the mail only after downloading in the browser

Before payment read license agreement
10 days

30 days
90 days
180 days
Private Keeper for 1 day
Great for one time or
test use
Please leave feedback on the update in the official topics with the sale
Release date

© Private Keeper ltd.
2013 - 2021
in-Line - Kit
  1. Исправлена команда CUSTOMCYCLE
  2. Исправлено API добавления новых пользователей
  3. Исправлены баги с многострочной пост-датой
in-Line - Приложение
  1. Исправлены ошибки с ссылкой в автоматическом обновлении проксей
Убранные разделы из программы:
  1. Убран раздел Дополнительные утилиты
Общие улучшения
  1. Улучшена защита
  2. Косметические исправления
  3. Убрана ненужная вкладка Дополнительные утилиты
  4. Обновлен файл Решение проблем.txt, добавлен файл README!.txt
  5. Теперь, при истечении срока лицензии программа не закрывается сразу
  6. Обновлен OpenSSL
Новые сервисы Private Keeper
  1. Запущен центр поддержки клиентов
  2. Новостной канал в Telegram
  3. Перейти в канал

После данного обновления будет разрабатываться новый фреймворк для работы с сетевыми движками, будет внедряться новый JS, будет встроен новый язык, новая система результатов проекта, исправлен мейл коннектор и еще несколько новых вещей.
Новое обновление
in-Line - Приложение
  1. Добавлена функция Сессии
Сессии - это файл процесса проекта, который сохраняется каждую секунду.
Если у вас выключился свет или программа дала сбой, теперь можно будет начать работу с того же момента. На форме проекта появится красная надпись "Сессии" где можно выбрать все незавершенные процессы работы проекта. Так же сессию возможно сохранить вручную при нажатии на правую часть кнопки сбросить.

Сервисы Private Keeper
  1. Запущен центр поддержки клиентов
  2. Новостной канал в Telegram
  3. Перейти в канал
Choose your payment method
There are available two types of payments
Private Keeper License Agreement and System Requirements
I. Main
  1. The program is provided "as is" and the developer is not responsible for the user's actions.
  2. The developer reserves the right to make any changes and improvements to the program and document them to the extent that it considers appropriate
  3. If you find any malfunctions in the program or inconsistencies in its documentation, please inform the customer support.
  4. The developer reserves the right to make changes to the program and this license agreement in its sole discretion without prior notice to the user.
  5. Installing, using, and distributing the program in any form, as well as placing an order for purchasing a license key means that the user (distributor) agrees to the terms of this license agreement.
  6. Attempts in any way to harm the software (server, application), the developer, customer support staff, the Private Keeper as a whole, as well as financial fraud will be punished up to permanent banning of all accounts and projects written by the user, depending on the gravity of the offense.
  7. ATTENTION! It is possible to create potentially malicious projects on this software, the user takes full responsibility for these actions.
  8. The developer strongly opposes the creation of malicious projects based on the Private Keeper platform so, if you are the owner of any resource and you have information about a project that is harmful to it, contact customer support. We will do everything in our power to stop such a project. Unfortunately, we cannot regulate this process in advance, so we are ready to answer all your requests. Contact us:
  9. VirusTotal of the Private Keeper shows that the file is not clean.
    For example: Trojan.Win32.VMProtect shows because of the VMProtect file protector. So it is with others. Check each "virus" by name from the list and you will understand that each item is somehow connected with a network or system. This is because the program works with your system and network. For example: Creates files, sends requests to the Internet. Because of this, antiviruses think that the program is spamming, monitoring your network, etc. Of course this is not right, just turn off your antivirus or add the folder with Private Keeper to exceptions.
II. Support
  1. Flood or spam in the support chat may result in a denial of customer support.
  2. Misleading support may result in a denial of customer support.
  3. Inappropriate communication/behavior (creating frivolous complaints aimed at the developer or customer support on third-party resources) can lead to refusal of customer support and blocking the license.
  4. The user may be refused of customer support without explanation.
  5. Contacting the support center should follow the rules specified on the website
III. License and finance
  1. Transfer of access to the license to other users is prohibited in any form (resale, regular transfer of the license, access to the server/virtual machine, etc).
  2. Refunds after activation of the key are not possible.
  3. Situations, which described in paragraphs 4 and 5 of section VI. System requirements do not constitute a reason for a refund.
  4. If the transfer of funds was carried out without first creating an order in the store and/or the transfer amount is fundamentally different from the amount specified in the order (except for cases when, in the opinion of support, there is apparent typing error during manual entry of the amount of the transfer), then the keys for such payments shall not be issued, nor the funds shall not be refunded.
  5. Any financial claims (the balance was not recharged, the key was not issued, the request for a refund) must be submitted no later than 7 days from the date of the transfer of funds, otherwise the claim will be refused.
    • A claim is considered submitted only if a QIWI receipt screenshot or a BTC-transaction link (or transaction hash), as well as the order number for which the transfer was made, was sent to the support chat.
IV. in-Line
  1. The developer is not responsible for the workability of user projects (see in-Line Utilities). All emerging problems must be solved with the authors of the projects.
  2. The use of the decryption tools is punishable by revocation of the license and denial of customer support.
  3. When you purchase private projects with initially unspecified names of services and operating principles, disclosure of this information will be punished by revocation of the license and refusal of the customer support.
    • Dissemination of information about already "leaked" projects is also prohibited.
  4. in-Line – it's a universal tool with which it is possible to implement almost any work scenario, therefore the developer considers it necessary to indicate his position: the developer strongly opposes the development and use of projects for illegal purposes and informs users that such actions are punishable by law.
V. nLevel-Proxy
  1. This utility depends on the Private Keeper program itself.
  2. When the Private Keeper license expires, it is not possible to use this utility, but the nLevel-Proxy license will be considered active, and the time will be spent.
  3. Public or private distribution (transfer) of proxies to third parties is strictly prohibited.
  4. When working with specific services, the workability and absence of a proxy ban are not guaranteed.
  5. nLevel-proxies are the so-called public proxies collected from publicly available sources on the Internet.
VI. System requirements
  1. The program is designed to work on Windows operating system family (recommended from Windows 8), on other operating systems it is possible to run it on a virtual machine.
  2. The program can be run both on virtual servers and on virtual machines.
  3. The processor, network bandwidth, and RAM directly affect the number of threads running at a time, the speed of work, and the amount of downloaded data.
  4. The operating system on which the program is launched must correctly display a list of installed components for generating HWID.
  5. Authors of the so-called "assemblies" of Windows can disable services and components that they do not need, this can prevent the generation of HWID in principle (error during data generation), so we recommend you to use original Windows images. Support is NOT addressing this issue. If you disable services and components by yourself, and after you have problems with generating HWIDs, try restoring all services and components by default. Otherwise, you will have to perform a clean reinstall of the OS.
  6. Win32 OpenSSL v1.1.1g installation required:
  7. On some systems new C ++ distributions need to be installed (both versions need to be installed):
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