Universal tools
Simple, highly customizable text tools with the ability to create your own projects
There are 2 types of universal tools
Universal parser
Designed to search for content in several ways.
It accepts links, search queries (also can generate queries for search services).
Universal log editor
Required for convenient viewing of the in-Line - Utilities log.
It has a search with filtering by log.
Additional tools
Text processing toolkit
URL's parser from searching services
Search links by search queries via Google, Yandex with the optional search for links with files and by date
Proxies parser by key and URL's
Proxy parser from AWMproxy, Best-Proxies, Good-Proxies and links
Partitioning a file
Разбивание файла на части по строкам либо по количеству выходных файлов
Resources loader
Utilities for fast file processing are built in to Private Keeper resources loader
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