in-Line Core
Second version
Platform for processing a large number of resources,
using proxy servers in multithreaded mode.
in-Line Core is needed to process your in-Line Kit project
in-Line Core support 4 tools
in-Line - Application
Designed to work with resources
in-Line - Click
Based on the principle of "One-click"
in-Line - Proxy checker
Proxy checker based on in-line development
Universal parser
Designed to search for content in several ways
Loading resources from disk
Resources are not loaded into RAM, but are read directly from the disk, this makes it possible to load large file sizes
Proxy system
Advanced proxy system allows you to delete, block, add and change the type of proxy while project are running. Changing a bad proxy in a thread right during project work without pausing it. Using multiple types of proxies at once
Change settings during project work
Most settings can be changed during work, without pausing the project
Connections visor
The connection visor constantly monitors the connection timeout and always disconnects on time. The visor provides stability during long work and 100% end of work.
Pausing at the very end at the program level no longer exists
Double Core
The Double Core algorithm ensures the speed and stability of the program during long-term use of project with a proxy.
It works as a proxy checker in live mode, but using a completely different method.
Checking proxies with this feature is no longer necessary; when working on a project, you can see how it adjusts to them on the go
*This feature works when optimized connection is enabled.
UCS.Threads Framework
A framework for organizing threads.
Changing threads after starting working with it is now possible! When paused, it is possible to change the number of threads to any value
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